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Magri Turismo is a company created in 1973, with wide experience in tourism in and out of Bolivia. It is the representative of American Express Travel Related Services since 1980 and a franchise since 1999. With its continuing efforts to improve quality of services it has become one of the leaders in the domestic market. This is a dynamic and dedicated group with different areas of expertise, communication in different languages and with a goal to be the best for a personalised customer service. 

In order to show the world the rich cultural and geographical nature of Bolivia, Magri has created an extensive network of operations in the country that provide access to tourist attractions in close or remote regions. We have specialised in two different areas: * Cultural or classic tourism, showing the main attractions of the country in comfortable and organized tours. * Adventure travel, one of the most comprehensive and best in the country. Permanently dedicated to exploring new destinations, it has all the latest, high quality equipment required in the various programs of special interest, such as trekking or mountaineering.

Magri Turismo services can be booked via ATALA Australian Tour Operators.

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